During my first ascents of Colorado's 14ers (2008-2014), I increasingly desired to document and archive the details of each experience. However, it wasn't until I stood atop my final 14er summit that people began to ask, What are you going to do next?  I was taken aback by the question. Why weren't they asking me about my recent 14er journeys? I wanted to enjoy those memories before I thought about making new ones. The question taught me a lot about our culture; our lack of satisfaction, our need to keep moving, our continual pursuit of something new. Don't get me wrong; setting goals and striving for them is important. But so is taking time to reflect on the process and accomplishment of those goals. This is where CO14k was born; from a desire to assist other climbers in celebrating their own 14er forays. 

When I moved to Colorado in 2007, I had no idea what a 14er was, let alone the fact that so many of them were concentrated in my new backyard. After summiting my first peak in the summer of 2008, I was hooked. After completing my first big mountain route (El Diente to Mt. Wilson traverse) I set a goal; hike all of Colorado's 14ers by my 30th birthday. Along the path of resistance, I built several deep friendships and strengthened a handful of existing ones. Now, having stood atop each summit, I have a new goal. Equip other hikers who desire to document their experiences in the mountains by providing products that promote their own story. What story will you tell?

Daron Short | Founder, CO14k